KIERAVORSEKiera Vorse is a real, living and breathing illustrator / graphic designer that is based in the lovely town of Concord. She can usually be found occupied with a bounty of activities, such as suffering, drawing, designing, and sometimes a wonderful mixture of all three. Her ultimate goal is to truly master the art of integrating illustration and design to convey an entire world of new meanings. WEBSITE


Christen Nicholas is a Graphic Designer who specializes in layout design. She is a hands on who enjoys seeing her projects from start to finish. She grew up traveling as an army brat. After graduating high school, she enlisted as a Graphic Designer and Photographer in the U.S. Navy and served for a little over eight years. She enjoys Graphic Design because it is literally everywhere. Everything you see was designed in some way.WEBSITE


WEBSITERachel wants to make a difference doing what she loves. That is why social change design speaks to her the most. There are many other avenues of design that interest her, however none can compare to knowing her work has made an impact for the better. She is passionate to a fault and that helps her to always strive to better her work and herself. She explores the world for inspiration. Anything else you would need to know about her you can find on Instagram.


KIRSTENLACHANCEKirsten is a versatile designer with an inclination towards branding, art direction, logo design and copy-writing. She chose graphic design because learning about absolutely anything can be applied in some way shape or form to design and it's many forms. She enjoys taking on projects about things she knows and understands; however, she lives for projects that give her the opportunity to uncover a discipline she knows nothing about.WEBSITE


CHRISSEVERSChris is a graphic designer, computer animator, self-taught photographer and videographer. He enjoys meeting and collaborating with fellow designers to reach a common goal. He uses his  background in multimedia to help contribute to his design work and take it to the next step. He has done freelance work for various companies throughout school and continues to look for new opportunities that may come his way.WEBSITE



LORENZOWILLIAMSLorenzo started drawing cartoon characters and funny illustrations when he was 8 years old. Drawing was one of his favorite things to do during school. After graduating high school, he decided to attend college at CPCC to study graphic design. During his years in the program he discovered an interest in designing shirts. He took a screen printing class and made amazing designs on shirts.WEBSITE


Brittany may have been a kid that dreamt big but she would have never thought that she would make a career out of what she has always loved to do. She is a graphic designer, but her main focus is typography. More specifically hand drawn type. She expresses herself through letter forms and takes the way in which we read everyday words to a new level. In the end she is still trying to figure out who she is, but shes having fun doing it.WEBSITE


Originally from Buffalo, NY Jen is a self described jack of all trades. She loves to create things with her hands and has always had the need to feed her creative side. She has an unhealthy obsession with poster design and is a master organizer of information. She loves music, traveling, denim and adventures. WEBSITE

Olivia prides herself in being a diverse designer. Her artist skills range from designing jewelry, to stage make up, to product design and cake decorating. She has open her own accessory line last year as Pixie Treasures Unlimited and participates in craft shows throughout the community. She likes to use color to create
eye-catching advertisements and hopes to work designing for children events or packaging design for toys.



I am a Graphic Designer, from Colombia but  based in Charlotte, NC. Chocolate addict, dog lover and challenge drifter, but most of all passionate about Design. Hope you can see how ideas can come to life through my work.WEBSITE



Zdravko or ‘Z’ as everyone calls him is all about branding and advertising.  He definitely adds a different contrast to his work by bringing bold colors from his motherland - Bulgaria. His work stand out amongst others thanks to his signature high contrast. He enjoys working in a team in which he likes to take on the role of an idea catalyst. One of his favorite phrases is, “If two heads have the same opinion on the same issue it means that only one is thinking.”WEBSITE


Sherman's love for art and design has been growing since he was a child. Visual storytelling has always been an escape from the cruel reality that surrounded his childhood. Attending the Graphic Design and Advertising Program at the Central Piedmont Community College helped him become a stronger graphic designer and illustrator. This was one of many steps he’s made to pursue his dream of showing the world the many skills he has in art & design.WEBSITE


Luisa is originally from Medellin, Colombia. After moving to the US and learning English, she decided to pursue her dream as a Graphic Designer. She loves working on projects that bring challenges during during which she can learn more, improve and do her best work. She believes that the key to success is getting better results from each project. Last but not least she is a very fun person that can flip a switch to taking work very seriously. WEBSITE


When she was 5 years old she wanted to be a Rockstar-Scientist-Publisher-Mother-Architect. Of course her goals were extremely limited at age 5. Today, she still uses crayons and draws inspiration from kindergarten but now she gets to skip naptime. Instead of a big, brown-eyed child dreaming of a successful career she is am living one. Now she is the Graphic Designer-Publisher-Mother-Inventor-Propagandist who is still an absolute Rockstar!WEBSITE

Maria belenvaldiviesoMaria loves art, and that is how she came to love design, She is a happy, free spirit, outgoing, open minded graphic designer. She will never stop learning and exploring her creativity to the fullest. Her goal is to eventually start helping others with her skills. She is Ecuadorean and coming from another country has helped her realized that design is the world language that everybody understands. WEBSITE







Isabella is a passionate Brazilian girl who is always eager to learn and have new experiences. She came to the U.S. five years ago by herself looking for a life change and that's what she got. Influenced by the big advertising scene that Brazil has, Isabella's dream is to be part of a team in an advertising agency somewhere in the globe. Persistence is a great word to describe her since she will never stop until she gets what she wants.